About Us

With over 30 years bestdatingsitesrating.com of Drycleaning experience, we take pride in our Customer Service, Quality & Value. We have successfully served the North Palm Beach area since 1996. Our Customer’s are #1!

Facts about Eagle Cleaners

  • We have proudly served the North Palm Beach area since 1996. Many of our Competitor’s are new to the area.
  • We Locally Own/Operate a 5,000 sq.ft. Drycleaning Plant. Some of our Competitor’s subcontract out their Cleaning needs to other local Cleaners. This generally means less control over the Quality and Attention to your Garments.
  • We use Newer/Well Maintained – State-of-Art Machinery for all Cleaning needs.
  • Our Plant produces 10,000+ Cleaned/Pressed Garments per week helping us claim the highest market share in the Northern Palm Beach Area.
  • We have over 35+ Years of Drycleaning Experience.
  • We employ a Staff of 35+ local Employees whom are all paid legally. Some of our Competitor’s employ/pay a portion of their workforce through illegal/unethical means as a way to cut costs. These tactics only hurt other legitimate local businesses.
  • More than 50% of our Staff has been with our Company for 5+ years.
  • We are Professional Business people whom have lived in the Jupiter, Fl. area for 25+ years.
  • We have won several National Business Awards doing what we do best: concentrating on the needs of our Customers.

Products that Eagle Cleaners currently uses and endorses:

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