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A Wardrobe Strategy

Nov 2nd, 2010No Comments

You need a strategy for maintaing your Wardrobe and getting the most out of your clothes investment. Looking good as long as possible.

Buying clothes of higher quality costs more up front and probably saves you money over time.  besides the usually better look and fit, more expensive clothes generally have a better quality of craftmanship.

  • Wash them as little as possible.
  • Care for them as often as required.
  • Know the best care for your clothes and follow the care instructions.

Eagle Cleaners New Website

Oct 22nd, 20101 Comment

Hope you like our new website.  We got to thinking that since our business is about making people look good, then a good looking website might help our business.

Quick Access to Service

Most important to us was to make the site very easy to use.  There are several ways and places and pages you can use to get service, get answers, schedule free pick up, and more.  Of course if you have any ideas or suggestions on improving the website we would love to hear them.

Solutions and Clothing Care Tips

We’ll be updating the site regularly with suggestions on how to best care for your clothes. From handling stains to helping your clothes last longer, we hope to be a valuable resource for all your clothing care questions.

Coupons and Services

You will also have easy access to coupons and specials posted on our website.  We are always doing fun new promotions monthly and for special holidays and events.  And browsing the site you might find a service you had no idea we offered, like rug cleaning or alterations.

Eagle Cleaners Ranks High

Sep 23rd, 2010No Comments

We are unabashedly proud of our track record with customer service over the years.  It is the biggest priority for us.  Every meeting, every week, every year we focus on customer service.  Your experience with Eagle Cleaners is our top priority.

Search for us on the B B Bureau online. You’ll see we have a perfect record.  Then put us to the test and see for yourself.  And if you have a question or concern, let us know.  If you have something positive you’d like to share, send us that too!  We have letters and emails through the years from our regulars and first timers who were blown away by how much we cared about them.

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