Dry Cleaning

Dry cleaning is necessary for fabrics that are delicate and may not do well in daily washing. This may be because the fabrics do not react well to water and soap.

Is it Really Dry?

Dry cleaning is not dry. The clothes get just as wet as when you wash them. The cleaning solvent is not water-based so someone decided to refer to it as dry cleaning.

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What is Dry Cleaning

The dry cleaning process involves the use of solvents . In most cases, a solvent called perchlorethylene (perc), is used.  A large steel basin, which is perforated, allows the solvent in and then creates a centrifugal effect in order to remove the solvent along with any dirt it catches. The solvent, usually perc, is then passed through a filter and is capable of being reused.

Pre Treatment

We will look for stains and pretreat them. The pretreatment helps loosen up any soils in the fabric so that the solvent can be a more effective cleaner. Once that is completed, the clothes are put in a machine and the solvent is added.

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