Just in Time FAQ


QHow much does it cost to use Just In Time’s Delivery Service?

AJust In Time’s actual Delivery Service is FREE. You just pay for the price of Cleaning.

QHow do I Sign-Up for Just In Time’s FREE Delivery Service?

AYou simply fill out the Sign-up form at the following link: http://eaglecleaners.wpengine.com/contact-us/. You will then receive a phone call or confirmation email within 24 hours.

QAre there any weekly commitments for using the Just In Time Service?

ANo. Just In Time will visit you on your scheduled day(s). We will pickup only if you leave a bag for us. We will dropoff only if we have clean clothing for you.

QWhat areas do you currently deliver to?

AWe currently Deliver from Indiantown Road to Northlake Blvd., from the Ocean to the Turnpike. As we continue to grow as a business, our Delivery bounderies will grow also. If you have any questions, please feel free to email or call us at 561-212-4341.

QIs there a minimum size for each order?

A No. Unlike many other Cleaner’s whom require a minimum size order for delivery, we will be glad to pickup any size order per your current needs.

QHow often should I expect Just In Time to visit me?

AJust In Time will visit your location twice a week. We will either visit you on Monday & Wednesday or Tuesday & Friday depending upon your location.

QWhat time should I put my JustInTime bag out in the morning?

AWe ask that you place your bag outside by 8:00am on your Delivery/Pickup day as we start our Route early so that we can accommodate all of our Customers. We also ask that you place your bag as visibly as possible so that we can see it
from the road in front of your house.

QHow quick is your turnaround time once I give you Garments to clean?

AOrders picked up Monday will be returned to you on Wednesday by 5:00pm.
Orders picked up Tuesday will be returned to you on Friday by 5:00pm.
Orders picked up Wednesday will be returned to you on Monday by 5:00pm.
Orders picked up Friday will be returned to you on Tuesday by 5:00pm.

QWhere do you pick-up and drop-off my clothes?

AWe will pickup and drop-off your clothing wherever you designate. Most of our clients prefer to use the Front Porch/Front Door area. We will also provide you with a FREE Door Hanger that fits over the top of your Front Door upon request. This hanger will allow your Garments to be elevated above the ground to better protect them.

QDo I have to be home when the drop-off or pick-up is made?

A No. We will pick-up and drop-off your clothing from a predetermined place, generally this is the front porch/front door area of your house.

QWhat Payment options do I have with Just In Time Drycleaner’s?

A We currently accept Credit Card Payments only. We accept American Express, Visa, Mastercard, and Discover. Once your order has been completed, your credit card will be charged. A receipt will be attached to your order upon delivery to you.

QWhat should I do if I have a Special Request for one or more of my Garments?

ASimply submit a detailed note in the bag with your order and we will process your Garments per your request. We will call you if we have any further questions.

QHow do I use a Just In Time Coupon?

ACoupons can be placed in the same bag with your dirty clothing left for pickup. We will then take this coupon and apply it to the order with which it was left. We ask that you only use one coupon per daily pickup order.

QWhat process do you use to clean my Garments?

A We are obligated to follow the contents of the Garment Care Label in selecting a cleaning method for each of your Garments. In doing so, we the Drycleaner, and you the Consumer, must rely on the Manufacturer to have provided us with a stable Garment and proper cleaning instructions. Most Garments will be Drycleaned unless requested otherwise by the Customer or due to Care Label stating ‘Do Not Dryclean’.

QIn addition to your Residential Delivery, do you offer Office Delivery?

A Yes. We will be glad to setup bi-weekly Delivery to your Office for you and your co-workers. Please call us at 561-212-4341 to setup or inquire about this FREE service.

QWhat are your current Prices?

A Please click on our Price List for our current Prices.

QDo you offer Sameday Service?

AWe do not offer Sameday Service through Just In Time Drycleaners, however if you visit one of our Storefronts (EagleCleaners.org), we gladly offer Sameday Service for a nominal fee. We accept Samday Service orders until 11:00am Monday-Friday and then have the order waiting for you at the same store by 5:00pm that same day.

QShould I tip the Just In Time Delivery Driver?

A No. Our Drivers kindly do not accept gratuities.

QWhat if I have problem with my order?

AIf you have any problems with your order or any questions, feel free to call us at 561-212-4341 or email us at JustInTimeDryCleaners [at] gmail.com . We will contact you within 24 hours, Monday through Friday.

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