About Us

Providing exceptional service and customer care in northern Palm Beach County for more than two decades, Eagle Cleaners is recognized as a leader for dry cleaning and laundering in the area. We are a family-owned company and perform all services ourselves, in our own facility. We do not outsource any of the work our customers entrust to us.

Eagle Cleaners offers convenience and value: All you have to do is drop off your clothes and pick them up. Eagle Cleaners takes care of the rest. Why waste hours doing laundry and ironing when you get quality and convenience through Eagle Cleaners?

We provide our customers great value through quality work and excellent customer service, allowing them the time to do the things they’d rather be doing instead of washing and ironing clothes.

Through our two convenient locations in Palm Beach Gardens and Jupiter, Eagle Cleaners provides specialty cleaning and alterations for both garments and home goods. Our valued customers recognize and appreciate the quality of our services, and trust us to take impeccable care of their everyday wardrobe and their most treasured items.

Proudly serving northern Palm Beach County since 1996

Palm Beach Gardens